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Travel Tips / Articles - 1 year ago

48 hour fling in Budapest

If you’re looking for a European city getaway, look no further than lively little Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Why? Full of quirky ruin bars, cultural gems and a bohemian atmosphere spread across a number of districts (are we in the Hunger Game...

Travel Tips / Articles - 1 year ago

48-hour fling in… Barcelona

Amazing galleries, mind-bending architecture, foodie havens, some of the best nightlife and music festivals in the world… and a beach? There­­­’s good reasons why Barcelona features on every aspiring Euro-tripper’s itinerary, and why I’ve visited th...

Travel Tips / Articles - 1 year ago

13 day trips out of London

Despite the exciting whirlwind of city life, sometimes it’s good to break away from the crowds and breath in some fresh country air. Here’s our round up of the best day trips accessible from London to do exactly that… Oh we do like to be beside th...