Inventor's Fire

Inventor's Fire

by Jorge Contreras

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£7.99 | Publication Date: October 2012

ISBN 978-1-9084580-6-3

Inventor's Fire

Set in New England during the start of the American Civil War, a world on the brink of change, Jorge Cotreras' debut novel takes readers into uncharted territory in this thrilling adventure.

An expert in 19th century literature and a graduate of Harvard Law School, Jorge Contreras brings this dramatic period of history to vivid life.

'I am relying on you, Daniel, to retrieve the prototype of this device from Josiah. He will be expecting you. You can find him in upper New Hampshire, in the village on Redeemer Lake... Take whatever funds you require for the journey. Time is of the essence!'

A young business man from Boston must take a long, treacherous journey under the utmost secrecy to collect a mysterious object for his father. An eldress of the quiet and peaceful shaker community strives to bury a secret from her past, while the world around her insists on digging it up again. And a teenage boy, desperate to escape his quiet life in the shaker village and seek adventure in the world beyond, witnesses a murder in the dead of night. But somewhere, a brilliant inventor harbours a dark and deadly secret that will change the world forever.

Can all these secrets remain hidden? And what adventures lie in revealing them? With bandits, icy mountain passes, campfires and fugitives, join young Ben as three gripping tales wind together in one epic adventure, to unravel the mystery of the Inventor's Fire.

Inventor's Fire

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